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“I seek to use my art, filmmaking, as a way of raising awareness and encouraging positive change in the world. I firmly believe that we, filmmakers, can produce content that can make a powerful difference. Indeed, it is our responsibility to do so. We must combat ignorance and indifference and embrace equality and tolerance in the ongoing fight for justice.”

“I have created the global TV/Digital Project One Day In America to open a global conversation about Justice and the  controversial issues that divide this country and the world. Using narrative fiction, One Day In America denounces the injustice and inequality in our society in order to raise awareness, inspire reflection, provoke dialogue and empathy to contribute to society's evolution.”

“May justice permeate our everyday life and belong to everyone, equally, whatever be our ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. For a brighter future with liberty and justice for all.“

Ivana Massetti

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