The One Day In America global project was created by Ivana Massetti. The pilot was written and will be directed by Ms. Massetti and each episode thereafter will be directed by a different woman director. One Day In America is being developed and produced by IM from Mars Films, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Women Occupy Hollywood.

The director, producers and production team have scouted locations and established budgets. They are currently casting the series and looking for investors/financiers.


They are scheduled to begin production Spring 2018.

I M From Mars Films' main interest is producing films and projects that can make a difference and have an impact on our communities, on the way we think and how we operate in the world.

In Collaboration with Women Occupy Hollywood 


Twitter: @WomenOccupyHwd 

Facebook: Women Occupy Hollywood

Instagram: @womenoccupyhollywood

IVANA MASSETTI Writer/Director/Producer- IMDB



Born in England, raised in London, Roger was a child actor, singer and dancer. He eventually moved to NYC to continue performing. Later, he moved into advertising, as an art director/producer, winning many awards for Young and Rubicam, Benton and Bowles and other freelance agencies. After spending many months shooting in Los Angeles he decided to move to California permanently, gravitating from advertising to film and television. He joined the Directors Guild in 1975 and, as a 1st AD., UPM., Line Producer and Producer, amassed over a hundred credits. He has worked on projects with budgets ranging from a few thousand to many millions of dollars. 


"I’m thrilled to participate in the project "One Day In America" because it offers a wonderful insight into problems facing us all and will create a thoughtful series to bring those problems into focus. It will be a powerful tool to stimulate the dialogue in our country. I'm looking forward to this new and exciting challenge."

VALENTINA CANIGLIA • AIC - IMAGO Director Of Photography 


"After reading the story, I decided to accept the offer to be the director of photography on the project because I was deeply attracted by the intensity of the characters, the story, and especially because American society is the central figure of the film. All this felt innovative and I saw an opportunity to open people’s eyes through my visual imagination of this world and everything in it. I think Ivana was able to write and capture the essence of something incredibly deep, something new that needs to be revealed, explored and told. Another reason that I accepted was the conversation I had with Ivana. There was an immediate connection between us. We understood each's other vision, and this is gold for a cinematographer." 


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