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“One Day In America” is a reflection through narrative fiction of the States of Justice in the U.S.  A series of fictional stories, linked together by the common denominator of Justice, all happening on the same day all over the United States. 


The project deals with the most controversial issues that divide the country, issues that we confront every day in our communities, work places and personal lives such as Gun Control, Immigration, Women’s Rights, Sexual Harassment, Gay Rights, Education, Religious Intolerance, Corruption, Violence in Video Games, Health & Insurance, Child Abuse in the Church, PSTD in the Military, the Death Penalty, New Poverty, Sexual Diversity, Domestic Violence, Homelessness, Bullying, Hunger, War, Violence against Women, Rape, Isolation of the Elderly, etc. 


Justice and injustice are the nerve, the spinal cord of the series and the film. The stories themselves and the themes they deal with are the protagonists of the series. The characters, instead, are the protagonists of each individual story and disappear when the story ends.


The tone is dramatic with hints of humor. Each episode has a thrilling final twist that leaves the audience with questions, not answers to stimulate the conversation and the dialogue. There is violence but also tenderness and laughter. Certain stories have breadth, and will continue over various episodes, others will finish in a single episode, like brief glimpses into American lives. 


“One Day In America” is a TV/Digital Series of intertwined fictional stories about justice in the lives of invisible Americans that all take place on the same day in different parts of the United States.


We are developing it as a digital series and a TV Series.


Digital Series: 7 stories run independently of each other as individual episodes of a digital series of a 7-episodes season.


TV Series:  7 stories intertwined constitute the pilot of the series.



The “One Day In America” global project was created, written and will be directed by Ivana Massetti and produced by I M from Mars Films, an independent film production company based in Los Angeles, in collaboration with Women Occupy Hollywood.

Ms. Massetti will direct the pilot, and then each subsequent episode will be direct by a different woman director.

The director and producers have already put together a team of professional collaborators with whom they already established the locations and the budget. They had two theater readings with professional actors to check the impact on the public. They are currently casting the series and looking for investors.


They are scheduled to begin principal photography late summer 2018. 


Ivana Massetti, I M From Mars Films and Women Occupy Hollywood will collaborate with organizations, associations, companies, individuals, celebrities, artists, actors and musicians who are active in social causes and who share a deep concern about justice and injustice in this country. 


They intend to expand the concept of the project to various other countries around the world, following the same formula, calling it “One Day In…”  to delve into the controversial issues that people are facing in such countries as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, England, China, India, and continuing to countries in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Their goal is to provoke a global conversation and establish a map of the state of justice, first in America, then around the world. The state of justice told through the eyes of women.   

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